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Tablets drive more purchases than smartphones

Research done by Monetate and Affiliate Window has discovered that tablets now drive more ecommerce than smartphones.

In Q1 of 2011 tablets represented 1.66% of visits to ecommerce sites and this has increased to 6.52% in Q1 2012. In Q2 smartphones only represented 5.35% of the ecommerce traffic, up from 4.23% in the previous year. This trend shows that consumers are having more confidence in making purchases on mobile devices.

Of all mobile purchases it is not surprising that the iPad represents 55% of all M-Commerce transactions.

This means that greater emphasis needs to be placed on responsive web design along with larger navigationa and check out buttons.

July 19th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Mobile media consumption

We’ve previously talked about how important smartphone friendly websites are. Below is an interesting video looking into how the consumption of media has changed and how it’s mobile that is quickly become the most important medium.

May 10th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Smartphone friendly websites are a must for 2012

Reports about how the smartphone market is going to continue to boom in 2012 are easy to find and it’s no surprise that 84% of smartphone users use their phones to browse the web. In 2011 the number of smartphones in the world was around the 1.08 billion mark and that has no doubt risen since. So with over 900 million phones browsing the web have you thought about how your website looks and works on a mobile device?

It is important not to rush into developing a mobile website just because of the figures mentioned above, instead some research into your website’s visitors is needed. You should be able to access mobile information in your website’s analytics and this will show you the system on which people are viewing your website on. Most analytic systems will show you a simple spilt between mobile and non-mobile visitors but if not you can gain an idea from the browser type information. The figures will give you an insight into whether a mobile website is needed. As a recommendation, we suggest that if 15-20+% of your visitors are visiting your website from mobile devices then you should seriously consider creating a mobile website.

Renold were experiencing an increase in mobile traffic and so created a website using our SiteManager CMS that would allow visitors to easily navigate their website. More about Renold mobile can be read here.

January 18th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft | SEO Tips with SiteManager

bcToolkit have been using Ackura SiteManager CMS and we have seen some fantastic results in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) for our primary keywords “Basecamp Reports” and “Basecamp Reporting Tools”.

I have highlights a couple of tips below that might help you increase your visibility in the SERPS.

On-site SEO Tips

Page Title Tags

A Title tag is the line of text that is normally displayed at the top of the browser window and from the search engines point of view, the title tag is the most important on page ranking factor. It essentially tells the search engines what you page is about and therefore what keywords and phrases you wish to be ranked for.

Like most Content Management Systems, Ackura SiteManager will automatically default the page name as the page Title Tag, so if your page is named “Home” this is what will appear as the tag. However, if you open the “Properties” tab you will find a field at the bottom called “Title” (see fig1) simply add your primary keywords into this field, separated by a pipe bar and save.

You page title will now be keyword rich.

bcToolkit Title Tags

fig 1

Keywords in H Tags

After the Title Tag, the second most important tag is the H1 tag (or Header Tag). This should only appear once on any given page, and ideally contain your primary keyword. You may find that in some instances the H1 tag defaults to the name of your website, this is fine for the Home page, but on internal pages it should represent the primary product or function of the page. After this the H2 tag should be used to identify sub sections of the page, with the H3 tag further breaking down these sub section (and so on up to H6)

The Header tags give the search engines a clear structure to follow as they index your site and by including a variation of your keywords at each stage you increase the chances of the search engines ranking you for these terms (see fig 2)

fig 2

fig 2

Off-site SEO Tips

XML Site map

An XML Sitemap is a simple way to tell the Search Engines about new pages on your site. This is particularly useful when a site is new, particularly when submitted to the Google, Yahoo or Bing through their webmaster tool interfaces. If you wish to discover what new pages have been successfully crawled and indexed by the search engines, simply type into the Google search bar and your will be returned a list of your website’s indexed pages.

301 redirects

If you have built a new site within Ackura SiteManager (or any other new CMS system) if might be required to re-direct some of the url’s that have been indexed from the old site. It might note always be possible to keep exactly the same url string for a particular page, and if this url has a good ranking within the search engines it is a good idea to try and pass these ranking factors onto a new page of your site. The best way to do this is via a 301 redirect as this will pass on 99% of the ranking power. You can discover which pages need redirecting by using either the technique highlighted above, to see what url’s the search engines are ranking and which ones will not transfer over to the new site, or by submitting your site to Google Webmaster Tools the interface will supply you with a list of url’s that need redirecting as and when the search engine discovers them.

October 11th, 2011 by Alex MacLennan |

Ackura SiteManager used for new bcToolkit website

We’re very happy to announce that bcToolkit, made by Exonero, has just launched it’s brand new website built upon our SiteManager CMS.

bcToolkit, a Basecamp reporting tool, wanted to achieve 2 key objectives with their new website:

  • The first was to streamline the sign up process and therefore increase the number of sign-ups.
  • The second was to improve the layout of the information on the website.

Thanks to Ackura SiteManger bcToolkit now has a website to be proud of. SiteManager has allowed bcToolkit to integrate an application that identifies users Basecamp account details in order to provide them with the best bcToolkit package for them. This application integration into SiteManager will improve the user’s experience of the sign up process and reduce any potential confusion over which package to purchase.

Ackura SiteManager has allowed bcToolkit to have more flexibility with their design. Exonero realised that the previous bcToolkit website was content heavy and so required a new design that had the more important information promoted while the remainder of the content was still presented clearly. With SiteManager their solution was to build the page templates around a top feature area where high impact statements or product features could be placed in order to attract attention or promote key points.

Drew, Product Manager for bcToolkit had this to say:

“We are really pleased with our choice of SiteManager CMS. It allows us to easily edit our content while providing the depth and functionality for full control of our website”

To discuss how Ackura SiteManager can be of benefit to you them please feel free to get in touch.

September 29th, 2011 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Renold goes mobile with SiteManager

We are very happy to announce that Renold Plc. have just launched a new mobile website built upon our SiteManager CMS. The Renold Mobile site is the first website built using SiteManager that is optimised for mobile devices.


Renold is an international engineering group, that produces a wide range of precision engineering products, operating in nineteen countries worldwide. The principal activities of the Group are the manufacture and sale of industrial chains and related power transmission products.

Thanks to SiteManager‘s flexibility Renold have been able to create a clear and easy to use site that contains a lot of information in a simple and effective manor. Thanks to the improvement  of mobile devices today means that users can launch different features directly from the Renold mobile site. From the Renold Mobile site users are able to download, save and view stat sheet PDFs on their mobiles. Renold have also been able to create a more engaging “Find Us” page with links that open up map and navigation options within the device and in doing so help users not only find out where the offices are but also be navigated to them (dependant on software on the device).

View the Renold Mobile site here. If you’re interesting in creating a mobile optimised website and how SiteManager can help you do this, then please feel free to contact us.

July 20th, 2011 by Daniel Ashcroft |

SiteManager chosen to be Gorvins’ new CMS system

KMP Digitata have recently launched the brand new website for Govins Solicitors and SiteManager was chosen to be the CMS upon which the website was built.

Jo Scott, Gorvins Head of Marketing had this to say;

We’re very pleased with the website that KMP produced. In particular their Discovery Design and Scope process was a great way to ensure that the finished product delivered our brand online effectively and accurately.

Throughout the website design and build process, the staff of Gorvins were trained on using SiteManager with it being, for many of them, their first experience website content entry. SiteManager was praised on its ease of entry and functionality.

SiteManager has allowed KMP Digitata and Gorvins create a website that fulfills its requirements perfectly and allows users to quickly and easily find the content that is important to them. For those who are unsure about their next step in legal proceedings the website focuses on a solution search engine designed to provide an easy way to answer users questions.

June 14th, 2011 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Milligan launch inspiring new website built with SiteManager

Milligan Retail have launched their brand new website, built by KMP Digitata, and used the Ackura SiteManager as the CMS system

Milligan and KMP Digitata have created a visually striking website that is easy for all users to navigate and fully editable thanks to it’s underlying CMS platform – Ackura SiteManager.

The new website uses a strong visual element that focuses on using striking full screen images to convey information about Milligan and their style. The images and photos used have been specifically chosen to complement the content on the pages they are used on.

The decision was made to split the navigation into two sections, one in the in the top left containing Milligan’s services and company information, and one across the bottom containing secondary navigation information, such as T&Cs and approach. This was used in order to provide the more important information in a clear and concise manor and avoid having large navigation menus.

Milligan Retail now has an outstanding new website that embodies the company’s drive to create inspiring retail venues across Europe thanks to the power and flexibility of Ackura SiteManager.

“Whilst redeveloping our company Website, I was introduced to the Ackura SiteManager. I have found this comprehensive CMS to be easy and straightforward to use whilst still allowing me to have a great deal of control over our site.” – Celene Burke, Milligan Marketing

March 18th, 2011 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Content Management with Ackura SiteManager

Ackura SiteManager aims to take the technical requirements out of content management, allowing designated people to be able to control what is written on their website. There is no special software to install, simply login to the site administration panel in a normal web-browser and then add or edit whatever you need to.

  • Page templates allow advanced formatting to be applied to pages without the need for special training.
  • Automatic menus and navigation means that visitors to the site will be able to find your content the moment that it is published.
  • Built in facilities for adding web analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of your content and learn about your site visitors.
  • Built-in search engine optimisation features help you to make sure that your content can be found through all of the major web search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live Search.

    Put simply, Ackura SiteManager is a content management system which allows you to manage your content.

    March 5th, 2010 by Daniel Ashcroft |