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PromoSender – What is it?

Welcome to the PromoSender blog. The purpose of this blog is to bring you news of new and upcoming features, and help you make the most out of your email marketing campaigns. But first I want to give you a bit of an insight into PromoSender, how we came to develop it and what sets it apart from all the other email tools out there.

There are two Ackura tools used for email marketing, MessageSender and PromoSender. Quite understandably the question that we hear most is “what’s the difference?”

MessageSender is everything you’d expect from an email marketing tool – powerful yet simple to use features that enable to user to create, edit, send and track HTML emails; manage recipient lists and see real time reports on their campaign.

With PromoSender you can have all the functionality offered by MessageSender, with the added ability to create accounts for subsidaries and resellers. PromoSender allows the parent organisations to create and manage child accounts and send them customizable promotions to aid their email marketing campaigns while maintaining brand consistency.

The parent can control the extent to which these promotions can be customised by the child organisations. You can also control how long these promotions are made available to child users and to which groups the promotions are made available.

This makes it easy to manage centrally approved messages and promotions to subsidiary users.

Each Child account has it’s own its own recipient database which is secure and inaccessible by any other participant organisation (including the Parent User).

A diagram showing the Structure of Parent and Child accounts in PromoSender

A diagram showing the Structure of Parent and Child accounts in PromoSender (click for larger image)

As the Parent user, you will be able to track all Child user mailing activity (not including access to recipient data) to allow you to keep track of the number of emails sent by Child users, either for feedback or invoice purposes.

The child accounts may be used by the reseller or subsidiary in the same manner as any other Email marketing tool, they will be able to add their own templates in addition to the promotions provided to them from the parent user. They will be able to track responses and manage their recipient lists.

PromoSender was initially developed for a large nationwide wholesaler so they would be able to assist their resellers with email campaigns for specific product promotions. We reallised that this model will work for a range of business including Car Dealerships, Government Organisations, Franchises and more.

February 2nd, 2009 by Gez |