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Sue Ryder PressRoom

Sue Ryder have been a PressRoom user for quite a while, they were one of the first members of our Charity Program and have now integrated PressRoom into their new website.

Following in the footsteps of Pentagon and Gorvins, Sue Ryder have chosen to have a custom skin created for their PressRoom and place it in their Media section of their website.

Sue Ryder realised that people are interested in local news related to the care centre either near them or a care centre where a family member or loved one is in. Thanks to the categories feature in PressRoom, Sue Ryder are able to provide individuals with news that is important to them.

August 1st, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Tablets drive more purchases than smartphones

Research done by Monetate and Affiliate Window has discovered that tablets now drive more ecommerce than smartphones.

In Q1 of 2011 tablets represented 1.66% of visits to ecommerce sites and this has increased to 6.52% in Q1 2012. In Q2 smartphones only represented 5.35% of the ecommerce traffic, up from 4.23% in the previous year. This trend shows that consumers are having more confidence in making purchases on mobile devices.

Of all mobile purchases it is not surprising that the iPad represents 55% of all M-Commerce transactions.

This means that greater emphasis needs to be placed on responsive web design along with larger navigationa and check out buttons.

July 19th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Non-Opener email sends

Time is precious and sometimes the people who receive your email campaigns might not have time to open and read them. There is an incredibly simple method to help you increase your email engagement.

It is unlikely that an email campaign will be 100% open rates, so it’s good practise to have a second send set up for a couple of days after your initial send. The second email is to be sent to all the non-openers of the original email in order to give them a second chance of seeing your email.

This non-opener should have a new subjectline and if needs be, the copy updated slightly.

June 19th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Mobile media consumption

We’ve previously talked about how important smartphone friendly websites are. Below is an interesting video looking into how the consumption of media has changed and how it’s mobile that is quickly become the most important medium.

May 10th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

Emails for mobile

We’ve talked about mobile optimised websites before but now companies are realising that more and more of their customers are viewing their emails on their mobile phones. As a result of this we are seeing more mobile optimised email campaigns.

Mobile optimised emails are not new, British Airways experienced great success with a campaign over a year ago, but recent figures show that, on average, 17% of emails are now opened on phones and that percentage increases to 24% when you only count emails that are opened within 24hours. 28% of mobile users say that they check emails on their phones and 70% of those check their emails everyday.

So, in other words, 1 in 5 people use their phones to view emails everyday.

On average the iOS platform wields the highest engagement for mobile optimised emails, making up 60% of all mobile click through. Android and Blackberry are 2nd and 3rd with 21% and 14% respectively.

The research also discovered that mobile optimised versions of an email out performed the non-optimised versions. mobile optimised emails received 6.5% more clicks and 6.7% fewer unsubscribes. By tracking goal completions (for example bought a product or downloaded a document), mobile optimised emails generated 7.7% more than standard emails.

If you would like to learn more about mobile optimised emails or is interested in using mobile optimised emails with MessageSender then please get in touch.

Source: comScore

April 30th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

How social media links help Email Marketing

You see sharing buttons everywhere on the web but not so much on emails. If you’re not including Facebook, Twitter and Linked in share buttons on your emails then you could be missing out.

Research done by GetResponse found that only 20% of email marketers include social sharing links in their emails. The research also showed that by including the sharing links the click through rate can double with Facebook and Twitter buttons but more importantly those that used LinkedIn’s button saw their CTR quadruple.

Below is an infographic that displays all the research findings:

Social Media and Email Marketing Infographic

March 27th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

New email functionality for PressRoom

The automatic creation and send of press release emails to Press Contacts has always been an update we’ve wanted to do and now we are very excited to say that it is now available.

We know that although you publish your news it doesn’t always get found by who you want and so a press release email is sent to your press contacts to help exposure. The process of creating a press release in PressRoom and then again as an email is now an unnecessary hassle. Now when you create a press release within PressRoom it automatically creates an email version of it that you can then send on to your chosen press contacts, all from within the PressRoom system, thanks to some integration with Ackura MessageSender.

With PressRoom you can now input your press contacts, build press mailing lists and create a publishing schedule with the ability to place embargoes on releases or send out for immediate release. In addition to this you are also able to send a release to an individual without actually publishing the story. This is useful if you would like another member of staff to see the release before it is sent out.

If you are currently using PressRoom then you will find the press information in the contact section and arrange the send of release from the Journalist tab in the press release editor.

Journalist Tab in PressRoom

Basic PressRoom users can add up to 15 press contacts to a single mailing list, whereas premium users can upload up to 200 contacts and create 20 different mailing lists.

If you would like to discuss the new email functionality then pleaseĀ get in touch.

March 13th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

The latest updates to PressRoom

Last week we rolled out our largest ever update to PressRoom so far. Although the majority of the updates were to the back-end of the system, there are a number of updates that you can now take advantage of.

Improved News Archiving

We’ve updated the archive system in PressRoom so that the news can now be easily filtered by month and year.

New preview viewing

In the previous system users needed to log into the PressRoom service to view any previews. We’ve now allowed users to view a press release before it’s published with out the need to log in, allowing higher management or related clients to view the release without the need to set them up as a PressRoom user. Integration

The url shortening service, has been added to the “Service Accounts” section of PressRoom. This service allows you to automatically create a short urls for your press releases.

Improved Media Section

Media attached to a press release can now be viewed as a slide show or cycled through by the reader.

Categorisation available to all

The categorisation feature we developed for Pentagon is now available upon request for all PressRooms. More information about how the categories work can be read on the Pentagon blog post. If you would like the categories feature applied to your PressRoom then please get in touch.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how the PressRoom service can be further improved and we will look to add your ideas into our updates schedule. Work is already underway on a number of other features we hope to implement soon.

February 27th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

An updated PressRoom is on the way

We are happy to announce that we are about to roll out a number of new updates to PressRoom.

The updates will start to roll out this evening will be completed soon so that your news will hopefully be unaffected.

While the updates are being applied current PressRoom users will not be able to access their publishing areas but don’t worry your PressRoom frontend won’t be affected so your new articles will still be visible.

Thank you for your patients. We will let you know what these latest updates entail soon.

February 20th, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |

PressRoom’s Charity program continues to benefit

The new year has well and truely got underway. There a few big updates to PressRoom on the horizon, which will improve social media integration and press release distribution.

Until then we would like to say that our Charity Program is still continuing. The list of charities using PressRoom is still growing and we are happy to announce that the following now use the service:

If you’re a charity and would like to use the PressRoom service or if you would like to discuss how to improve your news distribution then please get in touch.

January 31st, 2012 by Daniel Ashcroft |