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Homemade Leg Weights

Leg weights make your workout more challenging, especially if you are doing floor exercises, like side leg lifts. Also,
cards against humanity card list?, use caution if you have knee, hip or ankle problems. Skip such weights altogether when walking,
game cards against humanity, as this is more likely to lead to injury. The leg weights you buy in stores or online range from 1 to 20 lbs. You also can make them yourself.

Reusable Leg Weight

Weigh out 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. of beans on a food scale. This amount of beans will fit best into your tube sock. Save the beans in a bowl. Weigh out a second, equal weight of beans.

Tie a knot about one fourth the way up a long tube sock. Pour the beans into the sock. Tie a second knot in the sock above the beans. The second knot will be placed about one fourth the way down from the top of the sock, says Linda Rellergert,
cards for humanity game, nutrition specialist for the University of Missouri Extension. The beans will be secured in the center of your sock, and the ends of the sock will be empty.

Hold the bag on your ankle. Wrap a first aid bandage around it to secure it in place, says Julia Sweet in Activities for Fitness,
cards against humanity cards list, Food and Fun For the Whole Family. Ensure that the sand bag will stay in place, but take care not to wrap too tightly because this can cause your foot to go numb, Sweet advises.

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