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We’ve talked about mobile optimised websites before but now companies are realising that more and more of their customers are viewing their emails on their mobile phones. As a result of this we are seeing more mobile optimised email campaigns.

Mobile optimised emails are not new, British Airways experienced great success with a campaign over a year ago, but recent figures show that, on average, 17% of emails are now opened on phones and that percentage increases to 24% when you only count emails that are opened within 24hours. 28% of mobile users say that they check emails on their phones and 70% of those check their emails everyday.

So, in other words, 1 in 5 people use their phones to view emails everyday.

On average the iOS platform wields the highest engagement for mobile optimised emails, making up 60% of all mobile click through. Android and Blackberry are 2nd and 3rd with 21% and 14% respectively.

The research also discovered that mobile optimised versions of an email out performed the non-optimised versions. mobile optimised emails received 6.5% more clicks and 6.7% fewer unsubscribes. By tracking goal completions (for example bought a product or downloaded a document), mobile optimised emails generated 7.7% more than standard emails.

If you would like to learn more about mobile optimised emails or is interested in using mobile optimised emails with MessageSender then please get in touch.

Source: comScore

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