New email functionality for PressRoom

The automatic creation and send of press release emails to Press Contacts has always been an update we’ve wanted to do and now we are very excited to say that it is now available.

We know that although you publish your news it doesn’t always get found by who you want and so a press release email is sent to your press contacts to help exposure. The process of creating a press release in PressRoom and then again as an email is now an unnecessary hassle. Now when you create a press release within PressRoom it automatically creates an email version of it that you can then send on to your chosen press contacts, all from within the PressRoom system, thanks to some integration with Ackura MessageSender.

With PressRoom you can now input your press contacts, build press mailing lists and create a publishing schedule with the ability to place embargoes on releases or send out for immediate release. In addition to this you are also able to send a release to an individual without actually publishing the story. This is useful if you would like another member of staff to see the release before it is sent out.

If you are currently using PressRoom then you will find the press information in the contact section and arrange the send of release from the Journalist tab in the press release editor.

Journalist Tab in PressRoom

Basic PressRoom users can add up to 15 press contacts to a single mailing list, whereas premium users can upload up to 200 contacts and create 20 different mailing lists.

If you would like to discuss the new email functionality then pleaseĀ get in touch.

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