Smartphone friendly websites are a must for 2012

Reports about how the smartphone market is going to continue to boom in 2012 are easy to find and it’s no surprise that 84% of smartphone users use their phones to browse the web. In 2011 the number of smartphones in the world was around the 1.08 billion mark and that has no doubt risen since. So with over 900 million phones browsing the web have you thought about how your website looks and works on a mobile device?

It is important not to rush into developing a mobile website just because of the figures mentioned above, instead some research into your website’s visitors is needed. You should be able to access mobile information in your website’s analytics and this will show you the system on which people are viewing your website on. Most analytic systems will show you a simple spilt between mobile and non-mobile visitors but if not you can gain an idea from the browser type information. The figures will give you an insight into whether a mobile website is needed. As a recommendation, we suggest that if 15-20+% of your visitors are visiting your website from mobile devices then you should seriously consider creating a mobile website.

Renold were experiencing an increase in mobile traffic and so created a website using our SiteManager CMS that would allow visitors to easily navigate their website. More about Renold mobile can be read here.

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