The “Graymail” email. It’s not spam but is still unwanted

All major email clients have junk mail folders and spam filters to help their users keep their emails categorized and clear of annoying spam emails. The spam filters in these email clients provide the users with the option to flag an email as spam, which then means future emails similar to this is put in the junk folder.

These “flags” are also logged by the spam filter in general to help out other users meaning that if your email is flagged as spam by one user it could affect other recipients inboxes.

This is good for the end user because it keeps their inbox clear of spam but research done by Windows Hotmail discovered that 75% of email reported as spam were actually legitimate emails that the user no longer wanted. These consisted of newsletters, notifications and offers that the user was no longer interested in. Hotmail now call these emails “Graymail”.

The average inbox

Hotmail’s research found that 50% of the average inbox was filled with newsletters and offers, with social updates and people to people emails representing 17% and 14% respectively. Below is a breakdown of the whole inbox.

Cause of Graymail and the solution

The main cause of legitimate emails being flagged/marked as spam is that the user is no longer interested in the content of the emails and is unable to easily unsubscribe, resulting in them clicking on the “Flag as spam” button because it is the easiest option to them. Hotmail is taking steps to help their users clear up their inbox but thanks to MessageSender there are some easy ways to stop your emails becoming spam rather than graymail. The fact is the people receiving your emails might not want to receive them anymore and so you need to make to unsubscribe process as easily as possible to avoid becoming spam.

MessageSender has two unsubscribe options available. The first is the “one-click” unsubscribe that will allow the user to remove themselves from your mailing list directly from a link in the email. This method is the easiest and quickest for the recipient but not necessarily the best option for the sender. The second option is the “Manage Subscriptions” method which allows the recipient to choose what information they receive by allow them to opt in and out of multiple mailing lists.

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