Ackura SiteManager used for new bcToolkit website

We’re very happy to announce that bcToolkit, made by Exonero, has just launched it’s brand new website built upon our SiteManager CMS.

bcToolkit, a Basecamp reporting tool, wanted to achieve 2 key objectives with their new website:

  • The first was to streamline the sign up process and therefore increase the number of sign-ups.
  • The second was to improve the layout of the information on the website.

Thanks to Ackura SiteManger bcToolkit now has a website to be proud of. SiteManager has allowed bcToolkit to integrate an application that identifies users Basecamp account details in order to provide them with the best bcToolkit package for them. This application integration into SiteManager will improve the user’s experience of the sign up process and reduce any potential confusion over which package to purchase.

Ackura SiteManager has allowed bcToolkit to have more flexibility with their design. Exonero realised that the previous bcToolkit website was content heavy and so required a new design that had the more important information promoted while the remainder of the content was still presented clearly. With SiteManager their solution was to build the page templates around a top feature area where high impact statements or product features could be placed in order to attract attention or promote key points.

Drew, Product Manager for bcToolkit had this to say:

“We are really pleased with our choice of SiteManager CMS. It allows us to easily edit our content while providing the depth and functionality for full control of our website”

To discuss how Ackura SiteManager can be of benefit to you them please feel free to get in touch.

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