New Social Media sharing buttons for PressRoom

We are happy to announce some new updates to how people can share news through PressRoom with news Social Media share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The popularity of Facebook and Twitter is well know but the astronomical rise of Google+ meant we had to look into incorporating Google’s Social Network into our PressRoom. We have just release 5 new buttons that feature in the top left of the new standard template we rolled out back in March.

PressRoom’s new share buttons:

  • Google+
  • Google now features a “+1″ feature on their search results that is a visual display of what your friends believe to be worthwhile and recommend. These +1′s are also published on the users Google+ profile in a section where they list all their recommended websites and articles.

  • Facebook
  • The Facebook “Like” feature publishes a recommendation link on the user’s profile that all their friends can see and will feature on the Facebook news feed.

  • Twitter
  • The twitter button will allow the user to send a pre populated tweet featuring the title of the press release and a link to it, making it easy for them to share with their followers.

  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the professional Social Network and is built around “connections” you have with people through business. The LinkedIn share button publishes the title and a link to the press release on the user’s update feed making it visable to all their business connections.

  • Email
  • Email is still one of the most popular forms of communication and so the email button allows users to quickly and easily share the press release through an email.

These button are just part of our continuing update of Ackura PressRoom, so be sure to check back here for future features.

The new social media sharing buttons can be seen on the PressRoom Charities. If your interested in find out how PressRoom can help increase the exposure of your news then please get in touch.

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I own a legal services business and lately social networking is the way to go along with my website of course. I just joined a social network specifically for attorneys, however what about facebook and twitter? Is there any reasons why one might be better than the other for my purpose? Do either have a search for occupation or attorney groups?

For Legal services your best bet would be LinkedIn

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