PressRoom is now used within the Pentagon website

Along with the announcement of Gorvins integrating PressRoom into their website we are happy to announce that Pentagon is the latest company to utilize the service as part of their website.

Pentagon realised that their previous news section of their website lack certain functions to allow them to broadcast their latest news to the best of their ability. With a custom template the Pentagon PressRoom sits perfectly within their main website.

A feature that is used by Pentagon is the ability to put each of their press releases into a category, in this case Vauxhall, Peugeot, and other car brands they deal with. This feature allows them to have a central PressRoom featuring all their press release, then multiple sub-PressRooms, which only show the releases related to a single car brand and these are integrated into each of Pentagon websites for that individual car brand. Examples are:

Although it appears Pentagon have 15 different PressRooms across all their sites they are all managed from one place and PressRoom’s features allow users to distribute their content easily across them all.

Pentagon PressRoom

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