5 reasons to embrace Social Media

Companies and brands around the world are benefiting from using Social Media. If you think that Social Media might not be a perfect fit for yourself then here are 5 reasons why you might want to reconsider.

1. It can be an SEO tool

Links from social media are playing an increasingly important role in your site’s search position. Since 80% of consumer purchases start with search, this reason alone is a good argument for embracing social media.

2. It’s become expected of you

60% of people spend time on a social network at least once a week. YouTube reaches 36% of all business decision makers, more than Forbes.com. 93% of business buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence, whether it is on Twitter or more likely LinkedIn.

3. It’s a great way of receiving feedback

Social media provides important marketing data and consumer feedback. You don’t need surveys to find out what your prospects are thinking. The buyers in your market are telling you this now in social media. But you have to listen.

4. It’s perfect for PR

Journalists increasingly rely on social media to research story ideas, sources and trends. A PR program that relies on phone, online wire services, and mail is no longer as effective. With the likes of Twitter readers now look to receive information directly from the source.

5. It has strong conversion rates

Leads from social focus on quality not quantity. Prospects that engage with you on social networks are more likely to look favorably on your company and brand, and its offerings. Once the business has been won then the use of social media can also help retain currently clients and make them aware of your activities including new projects that they might interested in.

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