Milligan launch inspiring new website built with SiteManager

Milligan Retail have launched their brand new website, built by KMP Digitata, and used the Ackura SiteManager as the CMS system

Milligan and KMP Digitata have created a visually striking website that is easy for all users to navigate and fully editable thanks to it’s underlying CMS platform – Ackura SiteManager.

The new website uses a strong visual element that focuses on using striking full screen images to convey information about Milligan and their style. The images and photos used have been specifically chosen to complement the content on the pages they are used on.

The decision was made to split the navigation into two sections, one in the in the top left containing Milligan’s services and company information, and one across the bottom containing secondary navigation information, such as T&Cs and approach. This was used in order to provide the more important information in a clear and concise manor and avoid having large navigation menus.

Milligan Retail now has an outstanding new website that embodies the company’s drive to create inspiring retail venues across Europe thanks to the power and flexibility of Ackura SiteManager.

“Whilst redeveloping our company Website, I was introduced to the Ackura SiteManager. I have found this comprehensive CMS to be easy and straightforward to use whilst still allowing me to have a great deal of control over our site.” – Celene Burke, Milligan Marketing

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