The customer knows best, so listen to them

It’s a cliche that store managers have been telling their staff for years, but the term “The customer knows best” has never been such an accurate and relevant point thanks to the strength of social media and the voice it provides to the customer.

Before any marketing and advertising campaign it is vital for companies to understand their target audience so that the campaign can be perfectly tailored towards them. This used to be done by performing research interviews with focus groups of the target audience and although provided an idea of what is currently popular it pales in comparison to what social media monitoring can provide.

Hear what is being said

With social media monitoring you are able to see the peaks of interest in online conversations and understand customer motivations. Then through research, we are able to understanding the drivers of brand support and use it in the creation of new marketing campaigns and even product strategy. By discovering what your customers are talking about you can confirm what you already believe to be the trending topics but also unearth subjects you might not expect, which can give you an advantage over the competition. It is easier to connect with the passion of your audience then to create new passion within them.

Change yourself, not your audience

Although it was quite a few years ago now, MINI did an amazing job of listening to what their audience and community were saying and changed their marketing and product strategy to accommodate where the interests lay in MINI buyers. When BMW were planning to re-launch the MINI it was originally positioned with the marketing message of the car being small and nimble, the same message that made the original such as success. Although the MINI was discontinued many years before the community was still one of the strongest in the automotive industry and by listening to what the community were talking about BMW were able to see that no one was actually talking about the size of the car.

The majority of conversations happening in the MINI community were that of customisations and the most popular activity was exchanging photos of cars and talking about what people had changed. So with this knowledge the new MINI was launched with the message “Mix and Match” and allowed buyers to customise their new cars to how they wanted. The launch was a massive success due the the iconic brand that was involved but the customisation factor gave the community a huge boost and helped make the MINI one of the most successful cars this decade.

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