Why B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing services have been designed so that a central office can create and manage email marketing campaigns that its subsidiaries, branch offices or retail outlets can personalise, so that the overall message is communicated to their audience embracing both centralised brand and localised messages.

Two Tiered Marketing

To best describe B2B email marketing, let’s take as an example a car manufacturer with a nationwide network of dealerships:

For the brand there is a message and ethos that the central office (Parent) wants to protect and communicate through their marketing to branches (Child), but they also need to embrace local variations to messages depending on the location of each branch.

Using PromoSender, the Parent maintains brand control of main design whilst the Child adds localised messages to suit the local audience.

Eg. In the United States the messages used to sell a car in New York could be very different to the messages used in California. Ie. The Californian message maybe localised to emphasise the importance of fuel economy, whereas the NY message might focus more of driving style and comfort.

Email Marketing for Two Tiered Campaigns

A second key requirement is that “child” accounts maintain their own separate and secure opt-in / opt-out recipient databases.

A two tiered B2B email campaign is, therefore, the most cost effective method of marketing a brand that is looking to share a message with an audience that is not located in a single area: The Parent creates the main strategy and message that is then sent to its branches or resellers who then send on with localised messages to their individual mailing lists.

With B2B email marketing services such as PromoSender, the Parent creates promotions and is able to control the extent to which these promotions can be customised by the Child organisations before being sent to the customers, making it easy to centrally manage approved messages used by subsidiary users.

The diagram below shows how the PromoSender two tiered email marketing service is structured:

As with any marketing campaign, analytics is very important, and keeping informed of distributed email marketing campaigns run through Child organisations could be nigh on impossible without centralised analytics.

By having multiple branches or resellers all using a B2B email marketing service such as PromoSender, centralised reporting is a snap with each Child collecting and sharing their own analytics with their Parent organisation.

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