MessageSender – What is it?

Ackura MessageSender is a powerful yet easy to use Email Marketing web tool. It allows people with a non-technical background, such as marketing and operational personnel the ability to manage successful email marketing campaigns.

Creating, editing and sending your emails is a breeze. MessageSender also has all the reporting tools you need to be able to monitor the success of your campaigns.

It's easy to edit the content of your email

It's easy to edit the content of your email

One of the things that makes MessageSender special is the ease at which you can manage your recipient list based on response and use this information to tailor your future activity. This makes it easier for you to tailor your content to your audience based on their previous behaviour.

Now in its third incarnation, Ackura MessageSender is the result of 6 years of development. We are continually developing the tool and hope to bring you new modules allowing you increased functionality. The aim of this blog is two-fold: to inform MessageSender users of new and upcoming features as well as providing tips and helpful resources on how to ge the best possible results from your email marketing campaigns.

After all – having the right tool is only the first step to a successful email campaign. The rest is down to you and your strategy.

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