Key Features of MessageSender

Ackura MessageSender is a powerful yet easy to use Email Marketing web tool. It allows people with a non-technical background, such as marketing and operational personnel the ability to manage successful email marketing campaigns.

Creating, editing and sending your emails will become a breeze. MessageSender also has all the reporting tools you need to be able to monitor the success of your campaigns.

One of the things that make MessageSender special is the ease at which you can manage your recipient list based on response and use this information to tailor your future activity. This makes it easier for you to tailor your content to your audience based on their previous behavior.

Now in its third incarnation, Ackura MessageSender is the result of 6 years of development. We are continually developing the tool and hope to bring you new modules allowing you increased functionality.

Create your own branded email campaigns

MessageSender allows you to create attractive branded emails through an easy to use HTML email builder.

However, should you require help with this, we have a number of ‘off the shelf’ examples or we can design and build email templates to your specifications.

MessageSender allows you to customise your content for Newsletters, e-promotions or whatever message content you wish to forward, ensuring that the email always looks professional and will generate the greatest response rate.

Easy to use formatting tools that will be familiar to anyone who has used Word

MessageSender will allow for the powerful personalisation of your emails, giving them the personal touch that increased click through rates and sales.

Emails can be sent in HTML and Text ensuring that you give yourself the greatest chance that the message will be delivered.

Multiple language character sets are supported through UTF 8

Schedule email campaigns to be delivered as and when you want to.

Manage your mailing list

MessageSender allows you to add unlimited subscribers and upload your own mailing list from CSV files.

Auto-scrubber will help clean up your list by turning invalid addresses into valid ones and removing any duplicates

Easily search and manage your recipients based on their behaviour allowing you to target specific messages to different needs.

MessageSender can add a form to your website to enable your recipients to manage their subscriptions

Track your email responses

Manage bounced emails and unsubcribes from your mailing

Track who has opened and who has clicked through and on which links

Track ‘send to a friend’ links as well as who is forwarding your email and to whom

Extensive Reporting and Analytics

MessageSender provides all the statistics you would expect from a great email marketing system, presented in an easy to analyse summary report.

From tracking the basic criteria such as open and click rates which indicate the initial successes of any campaign, to advanced search functions that allow you to pull up recipients on a wide range of criteria, including behavioural history on previous emails they have opened or links they have clicked on.

MessageSender can easily also be easily integrated within Google Analytics or other leading website tracking and analytics systems to allow you to track all website activity resulting from the email campaign.

All reports can be downloaded into Excel making the information you gather easy to share with all of those who matter.

Custom Features

Create Multiple Logins for a single account

Create client sub-accounts underneath a master umbrella with PromoSender (insert PS link)

New features request can be implemented and pushed to production

MessageSender API and web service available

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