What is a Social Media News Release

The idea behind the social media news release is too present facts and media in an easy to scan form. The reason for this is that Social Media Creators (the people who are likely to re-publish your news) are avid opinion holders and have a tendancy to take offense at being told that something is “innovative”, “Unparralleled”, “Superb” or any other type of superlative. They want only the facts so that they can make up their own mind as to how innovative, or superb your news might be.

Brian Solis describes Social Media Releases:

Social media releases are designed to get the conversation going, providing readers with the ability to disseminate information and multimedia, bookmark and share the content, and in turn, spark threads. They also serve a purpose of providing new media influencers with the information they need, in one package, in order to write a full story, their way – without having to carve out the BS of a traditional release or pitch.

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